Awesome net

Oregon FTN service and hub

Awesome Net was created by Michael Pierce (R.I.P) to provide those die hard sysop’s out there with a reliable FTN feeds for their BBB’s. The name Awesome Net started as a bit of joke, to say that the network will always be reliable, and the name just kind of stuck.  The Network is located in Portland, Oregon and runs on a supermicro server fed by a fiber optic 1 gigabit connection to the internet.  FidoNet was the first network to be added to Awesome Net, and most recently MicroNet was added and more are coming. If you would like information about joining awesome net for your bbs or point needs, click ftn networks above and choose fidonet for more info or Micronet and follow link for their info pack.  

Current BBS’s connected to Awesome Net

The BBS's

The WormHole II BBS

$20 For Beers

The Fools Quarter


Digital Distortion

Mike’s Mansion

Fluxcapitor BBS

Abacus BBS!


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